Moving check list

Make sure that you don’t forget anything important on your moving day by ticking the boxes as you complete each task.

  • Disconnection of Gas Cylinder, Telephone and other Utility services.
  • Dispose of anything you don’t want.
  • Finalize and confirm packing and pick up dates.
  • Finalize packing company.
  • Recheck and confirm relocation plans, finalize temporary and permanent accommodation.
  • Notify your banks, credit card and insurance companies.
  • Transfer your Bank Accounts if getting shift far away.
  • Notify your telephone company and ISP.
  • Collect all items lend and return borrowed items.
  • Inform postal dept. / neighbours and letters to be redirected to new address.
  • Take down any light fittings.
  • Cancel milk and newspapers.
  • Empty and defrost refrigerator 10 Hrs. before packing.
  • Keep cash, travelers cheque, tickets and credits cards at convenient place for easy access.
  • Plan where things will go in your new home
  • Separate valuable items and important to hand-carry on moving day
  • Sort out any items which are not to be moved
  • Take NOC letter from destination and departure society (necessary in some society)
  • arrange to have dinner outside or have parcel on day of shifting if need so
  • Inform friends & relatives the date finalized for moving and new address
  • Before leaving home check that all the taps, switches, windows, doors are closed and nothing is left
  • Try for the admissions of your children in School / Colleges